Wealth of Amn

Money has become the driving force behind Amn. The Amnian society is built on money; the wealthier members of the society are the more powerful members. Every action is done for money; if one does not follow this ideal, they are considered foolish. Money also serves primarily to make more money or to show off. As one ascends the strata of society, one will find gaudier and more lavish ornaments and clothing, although the topmost tiers may distinguish themselves by wearing simple, but well-made, clothing of the current fashions. The wealthiest members in society will also flaunt their riches by donating to charities.
In Amn, one may find a guild for anything. The guilds tend to be run by rich and therefore powerful families, the strongest of which dominate the political scene.


Money translates into everything, including the speech of Amn.

Common slang includes a ranking of society by metals:
Ore: Bad. The lowest rank. Filthy or criminal, and very insulting.
Bronze: Poor. The working class, or low-rank imposter.
Copper: Acceptable. A good worker. Low but with potential for business.
Steel: Good. The best of the working class, or elite military.
Silver: Very good. A rising merchant or one with much potential.
Gold: Fine. Inherited wealth, or one who was wealthy but has not business sense.
Platinum: Very Fine. Head of a mercantile house.
Adamantine: Excellent. Highest rank for first-generation money. Implication it is not the best.
Mithral: Exceptional. Perfection. The highest possible rank, meaning old money with talent to boot.

Other slang includes:
“Bought it!” : I accept the deal or plan.
“Delivered by pearl.” : Gained by chance.
“Good business!” : Hello or goodbye.
“Red ink.” : Bad luck.
“Sold!” : You’ve convinced me.

Wealth of Amn

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