Kurt Deniz

Devout Halfling Cleric


On an average day, one would typically find Kurt tending to the needs of the faithful. Often they came to the temple for help, for their wounds to be mended or their souls cleansed, and Kurt was happy to do what he could. He was ever-faithful to Yondalla, the goddess of fertility, life, wisdom, and family. So they would come, and he would provide what they sought, be it healing, advice, forgiveness, or simply a few kind words.

Kurt would also, on occasion, go out on mission, usually for several months at a time. He would travel to other cities, or to various camps and towns in the nearby land, speaking the word of Yondalla. It was on such a mission, to a nearby Orc encampment (for Yondalla accepts all, not just her children, the Halflings), when he met Gorum. While most of the Orcs were stubborn in their ways, Gorum seemed somehow different. For one, he was far less intelligent, but there was something else that Kurt couldn’t quite put his finger on. He took a liking to Gorum.

When Gorum was later cast out, being revealed as only half-Orc, it was Kurt who took him in. Giving him shelter, food, and the praises of Yondalla, Kurt befriended the outcast half-Orc. Together, they returned to the temple, where Kurt resumed his duties with the help of his new friend. It is Kurt’s hope that, with time and proper devotion, he may get through to Gorum and bring him into Yondalla’s favor.

Kurt Deniz

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